SHINE offers its customers tailor-made and collaborative support, centered on the relationship experience.


Customer journey, relationship program, e-CRM


Brand book, Semantic bible, Creative Concepts


Digital, social and influence marketing strategies


Dataming, segmentation, predictive models

An exclusive consulting methodology

Brand CX which, through analysis of the relevant system, sets out to discover its Relational brand to build and incorporate within the company a real strategy of emotional experience.

At the heart of the brand-consumer relationship, to better transform, energize and reinvent it.

At the heart of the relationship with you, to innovatemove faster and more just.

new model of listening, collaboration and exchange carried by a team, short, ultra-senior (20+ of experience) and modular, to bring together the most advanced expertise for each mission.

A strong consulting dimension and a dynamic collaboration with you for a participative construction and a transfer of skills and autonomy for your team.

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