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I developed my career in large communication groups (Ogilvy, McCann) before creating and managing for 15 years Brand Advocate agency. With a strong expertise in luxury, international and retail, I worked for many brands over these years. Reflections and actions around the issues of brand strategies, relational programs and digital strategies. Also a professional coach, I am convinced that finding meaning in what we do, what we undertake is essential. Shine reflects a desire for depth, movement, vitality and interactions in the relationship.


Directeur de création

Après plus de 25 ans en agences de communication, j’ai été directeur de création pour de belles marques en France et à l’international (Nespresso, Guerlain, Lancel, L’Oreal Luxe, Aigle, Pierre Fabre, Montblanc, …) et dans des secteurs très variés (Luxe, retail, food, banque assurance…). J’ai eu eu le plaisir d’accompagner des clients sur leur recherche d’identité de marque, la conception d’univers et la déclinaison sur leur plan de communication.

Également photographe et fin cuisinier, au delà de l’esthétique, j’ai une sensibilité particulière  à tous ces détails qui font la différence et permettent de faire vivre une marque, un univers, de raconter une histoire riche en émotions.


data expert

I strongly believe in the power of data recovery within organizations. After spending 28 years developing Datas strategies for marketing for many companies, today I’m joining the business on the new paradigms offered by Big Data and IA. My credo: demystify this expertise and be close trades to fit the needs and make the data is real lever business. Also founder of the firm Syncdata, dedicated to the innovation Data & IA, I bring to SHINE all the expertise data to ensure the accuracy and the power of radiation brands.



After ten years in agency, from copy-writing to strategic planning and creative direction, I am independent. I like to choose who I work with. I favor energy and the quality of relationships. I like thinking as much as writing. Find the right words, the most relevant angles … Create happy encounters between a brand and a person. Communicating pleases me when it comes to making sense. A maximum.Formed parallel to shiatsu, coaching and various massages, I have a particular sensitivity for the topics luxury, beauty, well-being and ecology. Passionate about cooking, I am also trained in organic dietetics and subjects fooding pleasure and health attract me particularly.